Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow fun

I know I have been a total lag lately on the blogging to be honest I finally jumped on the twilight train and found myself completely obsessed! I read all four books in one week! Anyone who hasn't read them yet I definitely recommend them, who can pass up a good love story. In addition to the normal pregnancy things like morning sickness which is thankfully gone and the exhaustion which isn't as bad a before but definitely lingering. I just haven't found myself with pictures and stories to blog. Till now of course:)

This past weekend we were able to head up to the snow for the weekend with our good friends it was tons of fun the kids adored the snow and we got to do some family photos.

This was too cute for me Taygen wanted to pull Evan around, what good little buddies

Thankfully this day the weather was nice and warm so even though the kids were without snow clothes they didn't freeze, of course Taygen was trying everything he could. This is where the water was running off after melting off the roof. Taygen enjoyed the fun little shower.

I was a little surprised how much he loved the snow he hoped right in and would jump in the deep snow up to his little waist no problem. Needless to say it took a little bit of trying to get the kids to finally go back inside.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Drum Roll Please

Baby Number 2 is on IT"S way

We are very please to announce that we are adding a new addition to the family! We are all very excited well if Tay had any idea I bet he would be excited. Today was the big first ultrasound I waited to announce till now because I just don't always believe it till I see it. Of course as soon as we can announce whether we are having a he or she we will, until then we are still in the IT stage. Today the tech speculated it was a boy and then the doctor came in and speculated a girl. So we will have to wait some more weeks till we know for sure.  Otherwise we are just enjoying the peace that comes with still only having one child as he sits next to me on the floor screaming because he can't stand it when I do anything else but hang out with him:)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

We had a fun Halloween this year since Taygen understood more of what was actually going on. We had a little pre-halloween fun at Cj's parents ward trunk or treat which went really well so I knew the real show would go pretty well too.

This was our pre-halloween party I didn't even attempt to try and get Taygen into his real costume because I knew it was going to be a battle. So instead I let him wear some skeleton Pj's.

This is the real costume I loved and tried to get him to like. As you can tell from the above picture it was a hard sell. Even with candy as a bribe he was not having it.

So we ended up in this costume which has a odd story behind it. Cj;s mom had gotten it for us back in the day before children when the dogs were like your children and we used to buy them sweaters to wear outside in the winter snow. I thought it was so cute I kept it and when digging in a box to find my own halloween costume I came upon  it. Tay actually would wear it without any fight so we gave in.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went and visited a pumpkin patch here in vegas. Tay wasn't very interested in the rides put he did enjoy playing around on the pumpkins:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wrapping up Summertime

Well summertime might be slowing down in vegas. We have had a few days that it threatened to finally start to cool down and then we jumped back up again to the nasty heat. Since is is starting to finally cool down in the evenings Taygen has definitely pushed more and more to go and play outside. 

Taygen loves to kick around the ball I don't know maybe he is meant to be a great soccer star

Our other favorite thing to do is drag the dog around on the leash. Tay goes and gets the leash and brings it to me to put on the dog poor dog he is so nice he lets Tay just drag him around.

Sometimes outside isn't so fun this is Taygens I am not happy face

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

To celebrate Cj's birthday this year I planned a quick getaway for us. Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to watch our suddenly sick child for a night while Cj and I got to enjoy a night to ourselves with a fancy dinner and stay at Red Rock Hotel. We had a great time as short as our little getaway was both of us said how nice it was to just have those moments together even still missing our little guy. Happy Birthday Daddy:)

Car Rides

Taygen is one of those children that unless completely entertained while having to ride around in the car he screams and screams which is something mommy learned about Tay when he was very young. To keep my sanity I insisted on having a dvd player in our next car which has become my lifesaver on long car trips or long days of running errands. Taygens favorite new thing is to listen to the headphones while his favorite show plays:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cooling Off

We were able to make a little trip up to the mountains this past holiday weekend to enjoy the nice cool weather. When you have an 19 month old you start to really long for that good weather so that your little one can burn energy up outside exploring.

This was a perfect opportunity to bring Taygen's little 4-wheeler up so he could just drive around all over the place. Going back and forth across our family room doesn't really do it for him.

I know the outfit is a little ghetto but hey when in the mountains anything goes especially when your getting dirty so often mommy quickly runs out of clean things to wear.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Running in the Rain

Yesterday we got to enjoy a wonderful summer rain shower. There was lots of rain and lots of thunder the later Taygen did not enjoy. Once the monsoon like rains stopped and it was just sprinkling I finally let Taygen run loose which made him a very happy boy. Him and the dog enjoyed a nice run around through the puddles and wet grass, it's so nice to see your kids enjoy something as simple as rain.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

All Done

So yesterday was the big day for Tay. Everything went well the surgery is very quick like 10 minutes so it was over in no time. The hardest part is they of course have to take him from us to bring him into the OR and this terrifies him, he screams and just reaches back for us it definitely tug at Cj and I's heart strings but we knew of course this was going to make him feel better. Then as we were warned the are taken to recovery where they wake up in a strange place with strange people and they are dizzy from the drugs so he was not happy. After about 30 minutes of Cj and I trying to calm him down they finally let us leave which I knew would solve the problem he was just so scared at that point to have all the strange people near him checking this that and the other. As soon as we walked out he started calming down and after getting home and being able to eat and get a good fix of mickey mouse clubhouse he was pretty much back to normal. So everything went well he is still I am sure adjusting so there is a bit of irritability but we are more than happy to just keep comforting him till he is back to his old self:)

Hospital gowns are always so sad looking

Showing a little diaper out the back:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ear Infections

So today it became official Taygen is getting tubes put in his ears. We are pretty happy with this decision since he has been fighting the same ear infection for the past 3 months and with 3 rounds of antibiotics and no healing in sight. As you might have guessed this ailment does not help his mood. Poor guy wants to be comforted all the time and on top of his usual passionate personality comes the pain of having your ears hurt. We are hoping this also helps with his lack of vocabulary since they say he basically can only hear you as if you were talking under water. They told me it takes only 6 minutes for them to put the tubes in and they don't use an IV or anything to put him to sleep they use a mask with special gas. So although anything that requires you to go to the hospital makes me a little nervous I am happy that he will be getting some relief.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home from California

Taygen and I just got back from a fun filled trip to California to visit. We went down a little earlier than expected so we ended up staying there almost 2 weeks. So we have lots of fun pictures to share:)

Taygen as always enjoyed spending time in the water it took him a day or two to finally get the idea to hop into the fountain he quickly learned that jumping in was much more fun than standing along the sides.

We did have to keep our eye on him though because although the fountain was pretty clean it wasn't that clean.
Great-Grandpa Cheney has a little chicken and turkey coop that we just had to go visit. I knew Taygen would enjoy playing with the chickens. Of course mommy brought her son to see chickens and gave him some chicken to eat right before we got there oops:)

After Taygen finished eating his chicken he was ready to head on in. It only took him a minute to get comfortable then he was running around in there chasing those poor chickens around. Of course Taygen called them awggies ( doggies) any animal is a awggie:)

Our nightly routine was to take Taygen on a little wagon ride. He would beg all day to go, he just loved them along with me since you can actually go outside in the evening and it is nice and cool unlike vegas where it is still a nice 100 degrees even at 8 o'clock at night.

We also got to head down to good ol' Modesto to visit Kara and her cute little girls. Maybe someday these two will be great friends like their mommies:) Of course we also hit up El Rosal I can't go to Modesto with out a little fix from El Rosal.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun with Taygen

These are just a few random cute pics of Taygen.

Proof that Taygen is a little garbage disposal he is having calamari at a fancy restaurant. Although to him it probably just tastes like chewy french fries.

After playing outside in the sand box and a very good amount of sand clinging to him. I tried to rinse his hands off but he decided it would be better to just hop in the tiny little sink.

Despite Cj's disapproval Taygen decided that Norah gets to have all the fun with the princess dress up shoes. So he slipped on a pair and did a few laps around the room. I mean at least they are blue right:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beating the Heat in Vegas!

The summer heat in Vegas is in full swing and this year since Taygen is now our little wild boy not going outside because it is hotter than an oven is not an option. So in order to avoid spending the day having him drag me over to the door and pull on the handle and then the following temper tantrum because mommy says no sorry honey we can't go outside. I bought us a little mini pool to lessen the blow of the heat. So today we spent the morning outside playing in the H2O whether it be Taygen wanting to be a big boy and fill up the pool himself or playing in the bucket with Oliver. I'm not real sure who loves the water more Oliver or Taygen.

The hose is always a huge hit with Taygen even if the water isn't coming out, but when it is:)

Taygen will throw the toys into the bucket and Oliver loves to try and fish them out.

Taking a break with a special treat from mommy a little Capri Sun.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July in Huntington Beach

We spent a fun filled weekend down in Huntington Beach for the 4th of July. The weather was a lovely 75 which was a nice relief from the horrible vegas desert weather. We went to a fourth of July parade downtown and saw all the very interesting people:) and lots of horses which Taygen calls awggies ( doggies) anything with four legs is a dog. That evening we spent time out at the block party also just following around all the awggies. Then to top it all of we went down to the beach and watched the fireworks they light off the pier. We spent the rest of our weekend enjoying the nice weather and making a trip down to the beach so Taygen could play in the waves. He walked straight into the water without even flinching and tried to drag mommy and daddy further in, but we made him stay close to the shore. Between enjoying the waves and watching all the awggies run around Taygen really enjoyed spending time down on the beach. What can I say he is my son we both love the beach:)

Daddy pulling Taygen to the parade

Taygen enjoying his ride in the wagon

Sitting and watching the parade

He walked striaght down the beach and right to the water he had no fear about it at all those who know Taygen know how much he loves the water

He jumped right into the waves and loved how water would come crash into him.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun at Nana's House

We all spent this last week having tons of fun at Nana's house:) It was a much needed vacation for baby and mommy and daddy too who got a fun trip to San Francisco while baby stayed home with Nana and Papa.

Our little monkey figure out that is was a lot more fun to play the piano with his toesies:)
Of course we played in the water lots which always makes Tay a happy boy. He was pretty hilarious with the hose trying to water everything in the yard.
My parents pool has a little fountain at one end with a step. Tay spent most of his time playing in this using anything he could to try and stop the water from coming out:)
We bought this car forever ago, finally he wants to play with it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Taygen's First Real Bump

Taygen's finally got his first real bump on his little noggin:(

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun Pictures of Tay

This is Taygen's very grumpy face:(
This is Taygen's happy face because I let him play out in the rain.
Taygen loves to torture the dogs.
This is the true side of Taygen a crazy man that gets into everything! We still love him though:)