Monday, August 16, 2010

Nana and Papa's House

I have a lot of posts on here about visiting my parents house it's like a going to an amusement park for my kids there are so many fun things for them to do! This year was extra special because Taygen got to stay at nana's and papa's house an extra week without the rest of us. There is kind of a lot of photos but there are just that many fun things to do!

One of those rare moments when the kids found something to do together without fighting!
( and yes it's a pink stroller bought for the boys! I'm sorry but they just don't make them in manly colors and kids whether boys or girls love playing push something around )

A classic Taygen getting a ride on some machinery with Papa.

There is an outdoor shopping mall with this fun train that takes the kids on rides around the mall obviously a hit with the Thomas the Train obsessed Taygen.

They also had a fun water park there too.

They have this small zoo in Folsom by my parents house. It's pretty unique because it's actually like a refuge for hurt or abandon animals, animals that could no longer probably survive out in the wild. They had a wide variety of things there and one of the fun parts were the chickens and peacocks that just walked around the facility.

Corbin threw up on his clothes on the car ride there totally randomly! so he was a little ghetto sporting just a diaper and shirt:)

Enjoying the view out Nana's window

Duke the cat was great with the kids most cats Taygen has come into contact with have at one point bitten or scratched him but not duke he loved the kids. I guess to him any attention is good attention.

My parents have this pond that my dad has stocked with fish. Papa was excited for Taygen to have his first fishing experience, something I myself did a lot as a kid I still like fishing to this day:) My dad goes up and feeds the fish every night so it only took about a minute for Taygen to catch his first fish.

A nice little catfish

Reel it in!

Of course it was catch and release:)

We always have a blast going to California although I think Taygen might be a little sad getting home and not having nearly as much things to do around our house. I guess that will just make Nana and Papa's house that much more special.