Thursday, June 11, 2009

One week old

Our little wiggle is one week old, I have decided to call him wiggle because when he is awake he is a total wiggle worm just boppin his head around and wiggling his little body. So far Corbin is a great little baby just content and happy to be  doing about anything. He is already sleeping pretty well through out the night giving us nice 4 hour stretches between feedings when I say we I mean me of course since I am the food source. He doesn't mind the crazy noises his older brother provides in the house just hangs outs in his swing or sleeps  quietly. Taygen is showing more and more interest in him but not enough to want to hold him or really get too close he prefers to just observe. No problems with jealously though he just goes about his business and lets the wiggle worm do the same. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is our newest little bundle of joy it's taking me forever to get organized enough to get photos plug the camera in and get on here so just one quick one to hold you over till I get more organized in my new chaos.

A Baby Story

Mommy with  her new little guy

Proud Daddy of his new little boy

So for those of you who are interested in the tale of our newest edition being born read on:
Once again I was induced not something I was hoping for since with this pregnancy I was already having consistent contractions at 24 weeks. For some reason my body freaks when I am pregnant and then by month nine it just decides oh well I guess I don't mind this lets just stay pregnant. Anyways even with my anxiety about having another induction ( Taygen took a while and I was not pumped about having to hang out in the hospital for so long again ). My doctor was kind enough to schedule me on my due date so the torture of  the last weeks of pregnancy could be over. So on Cj and I went to the  hospital early in the morning the got me all hooked up to pitocin which thankfully I was already having lots of contractions so  the meds just pumped those up and we were on our way. So after a about 7 hours of waiting all filled with steady dilation and an epidural of course we were ready for the event. Now with Tay the pushing was a good hour anyone who has seen his large noggin may have a guess why. So to say the  least I was praying for a smaller head on this kid. So the  nurse asks me to push  and about half way through the push yells "stop stop stop! The baby is going to come out stop let me run and get the doctor" Sweet I thought to myself:) that was way easier than last time. Doc comes in 2 quick pushes and out pops our little Corbin. Needless to say the easy and quick delivery and realitivly quick labor provided a way easier recovery. So we are all doing good healthy and working out our system. We are very happy to have such a precious little one to  add to our already great little family.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Cox

Our little bundle arrived Corbin Cox on June 3rd at 5:29 pm. He was 8lbs just like Tay and 19.5 inches long. Labor and delivery went really well. Last night was the first night we actually got a little bit of sleep so pictures and story to follow.