Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July

For the 4th this year we thought we would switch it up from our normal ( going to the beach ) and head up to the mountains. The weather was great the kids both traveled well and Taygen got to have his first real 4-Wheeler ride. I have a little tykes play 4 wheeler for him that I brought up but the sight of these large machine brought out the true boy in him. I couldn't even believe he allowed us to put a helmet on without any fight. He even went on a big long ride and did great. I had him with me and although it was new having a little guy in tow while I was driving it was fun to have him and see how much he was enjoying it. 
The big boy with Daddy

Enjoying a quick jaunt with Grandpa

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby Corbin's Photo Shoot

These are the rewards of Corbin's first photo shoot. Hooray to my mom who came through for me with the crocheted hat . My very talented friend Karin took them and was nice enough to let me post some. Visit her photography blog @

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blessing of Corbin

We blessed the baby a couple sundays ago it  was fun to have all the family here to help celebrate. Cj did a great job and Corbin slept the entire time Hooray!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally a little Lovin'

Taygen is finally showing more brotherly love to his new baby brother while he still refuses to hold him he will give him his pacifier to soothe him or sometimes to just give it to him he pretty much thinks he always needs it so Tay is always offering it to him. He will also give him soft hugs and kisses. What a good big brother.

One eyed jack

Corbin is already one month old it seems like yesterday we had  just brought him home. I can't believe I have been getting up throughout the night for a whole month! Corbin is still a good little baby he is starting to outgrow his newborn-ness becoming a little bit more demanding we have a little bit of colic but nothing like Tay ever was. He takes some medicine to help him with a little reflux which has seemed to really help. All I keep thinking is please please please don't have a milk allergy like Tay but so far so good. He loves to keep just one eye open so thats why he gets called one eyed jack. He loves to just hang out be held and eat from the mommy food source pretty much like every one month old. His brothers antics are starting to keep him up a little while he tries to nap but I am sure one day he will pay him back. We are all just enjoying our life  as a foursome.

One day my kid will really hate me for this

I mean who doesn't love a little naked run around the backyard with just galoshes on.