Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little Corbin

Our little Corbin is 8 months old now I am a little behind on his updates. At 8 months he is crawling like a mad man and pulling up on everything he can. He's eating little crackers and puffs. He is such a happy little baby who loves his brother and wants to run around with him so bad. Taygen has started to play with his brother more like peek-a-boo and telling him your okay whenever Corbin cries. Corbin just provides a nice ease in our life because he just goes with the flow.

A face only a mother could love

Taygen wanted to make sure his brother had plenty of toys to play with so he stacked them neatly on brothers lap so he could have his pick of the bunch.

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Day of School

Taygen has started preschool! Because he is still having some trouble with his speech they put him in the school district preschool. The first week was pretty rough on him. Taygen was not happy about being dropped off without mommy. We talked about it for weeks leading up to the big day and he was very excited but when the day arrived and we were at the school not so much. Each day we make improvements though and everyday but the first he is all smiles when I pick him up. He is able to get away from regular old mommy for a few hours and meet some new friends and play and learn. I think it will be great for him and know that soon he'll just run right in no problem:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas Time ( Oh yes I am that behind )

Christmas time was great this year we were a little busier than normal with Cj opening the new store so not all our decorations got up and there were no lights on the outside of the house but that didn't stop us from enjoying the christmas spirit. There was lots of good fun, lots of time to spend with family and lots of new activities for Taygen.

This year we made christmas cookies something I don;'t normally do seeing as I don't have a sweet tooth and until now my kiddies have been to young to be interested. This year Taygen and I had at it.

The decorating part was more Daddy and Taygen would decorate a cookie and then eat it, and so on and so forth. So we didn't end up with many finished at the end.

My kids as always made out like bandits in the present department both grandparents love to spoil these little kiddies:)