Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We went from this ....

to this..in the blink of an eye

Taygen turned four years old a few weeks ago. Taygen has come very far in four years and especially far in the past year. I always say Taygen is my hard child, mostly because this poor kid has been unlucky enough to have to deal with some unexpected bumps in the road. From finding out when he was just a few months old that he had a milk allergy to being a toddler with lots of painful ear infections, then to having them cause a delay in his speech. Even with all this he still has such a sweet spirit that brings so much joy to our families life. Taygen is our cautious one being afraid of most things. Just tonight he thought a filter in the pool at his swim lessons was a snake. He is a ball of energy! and like most four year olds has his stubborn and impatient moments. But no matter what this little boy does he still is one of the greatest blessings any parent could ask for. Happy Birthday Taygen We LOVE you!