Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rain Showers and Galoshes

The weather here took a sudden cold front and yesterday evening we had a little rain shower. Taygen absolutely had to go out and play in it and you would assume that is why he has the galoshes on but no. Taygen has grown to have a little obsession with said galoshes he wants to wear them all the time which surprises me since I bought them months ago and he refused to even let me get them near his feet. But one day he found them and wanted them on and now he always wants them on ( this very moment he is wearing them over his jammies ). 

Mommies Little Helper

Taygen is very into helping with things now a days which I hope continues with the rapidly approaching babies arrival. His latest is washing dishes there is a lot of water involved and only plastic dishes that cannot be broken if dropped. I have to say though it pretty cute to watch and hey what ever keeps him entertained. I would hate to discouraged my little guy from helping around the house someday he will have a wife who appreciates me letting him enjoy a little house work.

Happy Easter

I thought Taygen would be old enough to be a little interested in this holiday and I was right in one respect he loved the candy that came out of the little eggs. As for walking around and finding them he took his usual position and just let my dad do that for him.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something Fun

Since it's getting warmer outside I was trying to get fun activities to do that I wouldn't attempt with Taygen inside. So we decided to paint rocks, at first it wasn't much of a success he kinda watched me painting them and just gave me the " really mom" look but he later realized it could be some fun. He ended up painting 2 rocks both turned out kinda brown since he just mixed all the colors together.