Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun with Taygen

These are just a few random cute pics of Taygen.

Proof that Taygen is a little garbage disposal he is having calamari at a fancy restaurant. Although to him it probably just tastes like chewy french fries.

After playing outside in the sand box and a very good amount of sand clinging to him. I tried to rinse his hands off but he decided it would be better to just hop in the tiny little sink.

Despite Cj's disapproval Taygen decided that Norah gets to have all the fun with the princess dress up shoes. So he slipped on a pair and did a few laps around the room. I mean at least they are blue right:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beating the Heat in Vegas!

The summer heat in Vegas is in full swing and this year since Taygen is now our little wild boy not going outside because it is hotter than an oven is not an option. So in order to avoid spending the day having him drag me over to the door and pull on the handle and then the following temper tantrum because mommy says no sorry honey we can't go outside. I bought us a little mini pool to lessen the blow of the heat. So today we spent the morning outside playing in the H2O whether it be Taygen wanting to be a big boy and fill up the pool himself or playing in the bucket with Oliver. I'm not real sure who loves the water more Oliver or Taygen.

The hose is always a huge hit with Taygen even if the water isn't coming out, but when it is:)

Taygen will throw the toys into the bucket and Oliver loves to try and fish them out.

Taking a break with a special treat from mommy a little Capri Sun.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July in Huntington Beach

We spent a fun filled weekend down in Huntington Beach for the 4th of July. The weather was a lovely 75 which was a nice relief from the horrible vegas desert weather. We went to a fourth of July parade downtown and saw all the very interesting people:) and lots of horses which Taygen calls awggies ( doggies) anything with four legs is a dog. That evening we spent time out at the block party also just following around all the awggies. Then to top it all of we went down to the beach and watched the fireworks they light off the pier. We spent the rest of our weekend enjoying the nice weather and making a trip down to the beach so Taygen could play in the waves. He walked straight into the water without even flinching and tried to drag mommy and daddy further in, but we made him stay close to the shore. Between enjoying the waves and watching all the awggies run around Taygen really enjoyed spending time down on the beach. What can I say he is my son we both love the beach:)

Daddy pulling Taygen to the parade

Taygen enjoying his ride in the wagon

Sitting and watching the parade

He walked striaght down the beach and right to the water he had no fear about it at all those who know Taygen know how much he loves the water

He jumped right into the waves and loved how water would come crash into him.