Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas on December 4th

We are traveling a lot this year and seeing how we are still a young family we tend to still do a lot of the holidays with our families. I really wanted our little family CJ, Taygen Corbin and I to start making some of our own holiday traditions too. I always hate how you buy holiday specific jammies and then wait till the holiday to give it to them. Then they end up wearing christmas jammies in april because you waited till the end of december to give them to them. So my new traditions will be to do the jammy giving the first week of december! This year with all thats going on I even went a step futher and we did our whole christmas celebration the first week of december. I wanted the kids to have time to play with the cool toys we had gotten them and I wanted to do it before the stress of everything else started so Dec. 4th it was! We had a great time and did all the regular christmas day stuff and we loved it! My only problem was convincing Taygen of what was going on. So I told him santa was stopping by our house on his was to everyone else's and he had to come early:) It worked like a charm.

Our Christmas Eve night they boys have really gotten into hugging each other no complaints here huggin instead of constant fighting is always good!

This was the big present of the year a train table dedicated to trains. We had it all set up before they came downstairs they played with this for a while before we even made it to any of the other presents.

Our mini tree. I didn't want to put up our big tree this year so I did a mini one. It had all our eclectic ornaments on it it was fun and very easy to put up.

Merry Christmas to All!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This year Taygen got to have his first try at a team sport! He was a little apprehensive about the whole thing but at the end he started to really like it. I don't know that he kicked the ball but a handful of times during the games but my goal for him was to let him burn a little energy and be involved with a team. Also to just have fun!

This was the first practice, it took us a while to even get him to go out onto the field

The games were so funny to watch, little kids having no real idea what the were doing and parents on the sidelines trying to give them direction.

We had a good time and I will definitely sign him up again next year. Not because I think he is actually learning the game but just for him to have fun and RUN!