Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Running in the Rain

Yesterday we got to enjoy a wonderful summer rain shower. There was lots of rain and lots of thunder the later Taygen did not enjoy. Once the monsoon like rains stopped and it was just sprinkling I finally let Taygen run loose which made him a very happy boy. Him and the dog enjoyed a nice run around through the puddles and wet grass, it's so nice to see your kids enjoy something as simple as rain.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

All Done

So yesterday was the big day for Tay. Everything went well the surgery is very quick like 10 minutes so it was over in no time. The hardest part is they of course have to take him from us to bring him into the OR and this terrifies him, he screams and just reaches back for us it definitely tug at Cj and I's heart strings but we knew of course this was going to make him feel better. Then as we were warned the are taken to recovery where they wake up in a strange place with strange people and they are dizzy from the drugs so he was not happy. After about 30 minutes of Cj and I trying to calm him down they finally let us leave which I knew would solve the problem he was just so scared at that point to have all the strange people near him checking this that and the other. As soon as we walked out he started calming down and after getting home and being able to eat and get a good fix of mickey mouse clubhouse he was pretty much back to normal. So everything went well he is still I am sure adjusting so there is a bit of irritability but we are more than happy to just keep comforting him till he is back to his old self:)

Hospital gowns are always so sad looking

Showing a little diaper out the back:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ear Infections

So today it became official Taygen is getting tubes put in his ears. We are pretty happy with this decision since he has been fighting the same ear infection for the past 3 months and with 3 rounds of antibiotics and no healing in sight. As you might have guessed this ailment does not help his mood. Poor guy wants to be comforted all the time and on top of his usual passionate personality comes the pain of having your ears hurt. We are hoping this also helps with his lack of vocabulary since they say he basically can only hear you as if you were talking under water. They told me it takes only 6 minutes for them to put the tubes in and they don't use an IV or anything to put him to sleep they use a mask with special gas. So although anything that requires you to go to the hospital makes me a little nervous I am happy that he will be getting some relief.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home from California

Taygen and I just got back from a fun filled trip to California to visit. We went down a little earlier than expected so we ended up staying there almost 2 weeks. So we have lots of fun pictures to share:)

Taygen as always enjoyed spending time in the water it took him a day or two to finally get the idea to hop into the fountain he quickly learned that jumping in was much more fun than standing along the sides.

We did have to keep our eye on him though because although the fountain was pretty clean it wasn't that clean.
Great-Grandpa Cheney has a little chicken and turkey coop that we just had to go visit. I knew Taygen would enjoy playing with the chickens. Of course mommy brought her son to see chickens and gave him some chicken to eat right before we got there oops:)

After Taygen finished eating his chicken he was ready to head on in. It only took him a minute to get comfortable then he was running around in there chasing those poor chickens around. Of course Taygen called them awggies ( doggies) any animal is a awggie:)

Our nightly routine was to take Taygen on a little wagon ride. He would beg all day to go, he just loved them along with me since you can actually go outside in the evening and it is nice and cool unlike vegas where it is still a nice 100 degrees even at 8 o'clock at night.

We also got to head down to good ol' Modesto to visit Kara and her cute little girls. Maybe someday these two will be great friends like their mommies:) Of course we also hit up El Rosal I can't go to Modesto with out a little fix from El Rosal.