Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to School

Another year of Pre-School for Taygen. He is still in the program at the Elementary school and since this is his second year there it was fun to go back to school because it just meant getting to see the friends he had in his class last year and his same teacher Ms. Mcdonald. Yay for school starting!


California always means a good time for the kids nana and papa always entertain them with fun tractor rides, fishing in the pond, a new cute little row boat, and papas fun train set.

This time when we went down I found out they had a thomas the train even going on down by Santa Cruz. So we headed down for a night and enjoyed spending time with uncle Brandon and going down to ride the rides at the boardwalk. And of course visiting the real Thomas the Train.

July 4th

Brotherly Love

We had a kind of disastrous 4th of July weekend. We headed up to Brianhead to enjoy the cool mountain air. After being up there for one night Taygen suddenly came down with a stomach flu of some sort and was very sick. So sick we decided it was best to head down the hill and go home after only 24 hours of being there. Thankfully he was only sick for a couple of days but it wasn't a very fun holiday weekend for us. Just how it goes sometimes.

It was cute to see Corbin so concerned about his sick brother. He was so sweet to him laying next to him making sure he was okay.