Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 months

Our little bean is 10 months old and growing up fast. At 10 months
He is a crawling machine
Stands up on everything and anything
Will walk along everything as long as he has a hand on something, he will let go of the say coffee table and just stand there giving you a look like i'm gonna go for it mom, and then gives up and just crawls instead.
He isn't really into baby food anymore he would prefer to eat anything you are eating.
He is sleeping really well and is better at taking naps
He wants to be like his brother so bad, he will just follow Taygen around with this longing look.
He LOVES mama the best! ( gotta love that )
He babbles mama and dada
He loves to play outside and the second the door opens he is on his way out. He just crawls all around the backyard grass, cement or rocks won't keep him back. His favorite is to make his way over to mama's garden and try and play in the dirt.
He hates feeling left out down on the floor so he will follow me around whining to get picked up so he can be apart of everything going on.
He loves the dishwasher it's one of his favorite places to play ( not my favorite of course )
His favorite toy right now is a ballon
He is a dancing fool and any sign of music he is bouncing around getting his groove on
He is just the happiest go with the flow baby and we are loving every minute of him:)

He does this finger thing all the time it's super cute

He makes the funniest noises and faces I don't think I could ever capture all of them

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the kiddies

A few pics that have been sitting in my camera

This is sweet baby lola and corbin, one of my best friends stopped in town and we got to watch lola for a few hours these two loved having another baby around

This is all to familiar. I have lots of pictures of Taygen doing the same thing

It's getting to be that time of year for the water table!

Taygen has become the hiding master it seems, he crawls and hides in the cupboards all the time

long awaited garden

I grew up with a garden it's something I have wanted to do for a while. Last year I was research and got books and read up and was all ready to do it but then with a baby on the way I didn't think it was quite the right time but a month ago my parents were down and we spotted some box frames at Sams Club and now here we are! I have planted about everything you can think of for this particular season at least at everything is growing great! I am very excited about having it and being able to eat from it. It's a fun project and a hobby I am really enjoying i'll post some more recent picks later it's already growing away:)

a bunny visited our house!

This year the easter bunny visited our house and Taygen couldn't be more excited! Of course the fact that it was a bunny visiting didn't go over especially when he ran to the window to peek at grandpa putting the eggs in the yard. We started the day off by taking the kids down to the Bellagio to see all the pretty flowers and watch the fountain show then it was home for egg hunting and a yummy dinner.

Taygen finding the loot

Corbin wasn't super pumped he refused to take a nap so egg hunting was no fun to him