Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guests Beware

Yes I know I may be a tad crazy but can't deny anymore that potty training Taygen may be possible. Even though a month from now I will be sleep deprived and struggling to work out the new way of life that our sweet little bundle of joy will bring I have to try since one in diapers instead of two would be a dream. Taygen has been showing interest in potty training and we have had some mild success so we decided we should a least try and just see how it goes. So as the title explains guests beware there just may be a pant-less 2 year old running around our  house.

It's That Time of Year Again

It's heating up here in vegas which is good and bad. Good because Taygen finds a lot more enjoyment in his days playing outside with water, finding bugs, and running around. Bad because I HATE the heat and being preggo is not improving my ability to enjoy the warmth of the approaching summer. As with last year water is Taygen's favorite thing he wants to play in it all day long. 

We are too deprived to have a pool so Taygen makes due and just fills up the lid to his water table so he can hop in.