Sunday, January 8, 2012

Capturing Moments

I have many friends or just know many others who are very talented in photography. Something i've always envied I love photography but have never understood how to actually accomplish it. I recently took a class to sharpen up my skills not because i'm looking to do photography as a profession but like most parents I take thousands of photos of my children and I just wanted to be able to on our time capture some wonderful photos. I've become so excited about heading out with the kids and just letting them play in fun unique places while I practice my skills.

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the boys on the beach in their christmas jammies.

I never got around to sending out Holiday Cards this year! So heres the Cox Family 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a great holiday season this year with lots of fun holiday traditions.

Cookie decorating of course. Corbin just ate the frosting.

Christmas morning. We did two christmas reveals. One first thing in the morning with a few toys Santa left out and then one later after morning church with grandma and grandpa and the rest of the family.

Both boys were spoiled as usual and got a lot of fun things to hopefully last them till next year.

The Polar Express!

This year the boys were so excited about Christmas. We talked about Santa all the time the boys had gifts picked out that Taygen told me were being made by the elves at the North Pole. I came home one night to find out CJ had planned a whole trip for us to go to Williams, AZ about a 3 hour drive away to spend the weekend riding on the Polar Express and seeing the Grand Canyon. Taygen who is at the very least OBSESSED with trains was over the moon to go ride a big train. Corbin was more excited about the possibility of seeing Santa than the train but excited too none the less.

It was very cold in Williams so us warm blooded Las Vegans had to bundle up. To keep with tradition though I had the boys wear their Christmas jammies on the train.

Daddy and Taygen on the Train

Crazy Corbin on the train

So the train rides along" through the distance warp" that way it can make it all the way to the North Pole in such little time. Then we arrived at the North Pole it was all decorated and there was Santa with his sleigh and a BIG bag full of toys outside. The train the turns around and Santa climbs aboard the train!

They have you sing christmas songs till finally

Santa makes it to your train car where he gives you your special christmas bell!
The boys had such a great time, it's so amazing to have children and experience christmas through their eyes.

After our exciting train ride we headed to the hotel to pass out. When we woke in the morning and looked outside there was lots of snow. It was so funny because when Taygen pulled the curtains back and looked outside he shouted at me "Mom look its christmas"! Kids have no sense of it being cold or hot they just want to play. So I bundled them up and let me go play out in the snow.

Then we headed up to the Grand Canyon to check it out. The boys were just excited to play in more snow:)

I love fun family weekends. Just creating memories with our kids.