Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We are pleased to announce that we will be having another baby boy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jingle Bells!

We always are lucky enough to do christmas 3 times each year one for ourselves at home and then one with each set of parents. This year we got to head down to California with my parents for the actual christmas day celebration. It was filled with lots of fun and Taygen was definitely excited with all his bounty. 

This was the hit of christmas a cute train set my dad pick out Taygen saw that and pretty much wouldn't look at anything else for a good 2 hours. 

The next hour he played with a new kid friendly laptop. My mom found him the cutest Pj's for christmas he looked like such a little man.

It took him a full day to even get through everything else to realize he had a new fancy bike for him. He can't quite reach the pedals yet but he knows how to scoot until then.

Papa even found him the adorable little airplane to go with his train set he was just a little boy in heaven.

Continuing in his bliss was the rides that my Dad would take him on the tractor he was so excited I had to be the bad guy and pull him off eventually so he could go take a nap you mothers can imagine how that went over.

Those of you who keep up on us might remember the last time we went to visit the chickens and turkeys my grandpa has well they are huge now and we couldn't resist taking Taygen out there to enjoy again, he just loves to watch them. Don't worry I made sure and ask my grandpa that none of these turkey or chickens were planned for eating purposes he said no they are strickly fun pets. The chickens lay really good eggs though I had the pleasure of enjoying some.

Snow in Vegas What a Dream Come True!

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows I love cold weather which makes living in Vegas interesting considering I don't really believe we see a winter it's more like a summer and a fall. Well this year we got a happy surprise! A very good amount of snow!

Cj got up early in the morning since most of the snow came and actually stuck when it was dark out and made Taygen a snowman so he could enjoy it when he got up. What a good Daddy.

Taygen of course enjoyed playing out in the backyard with the snow. We weren't really prepared with any type a snow clothing as stated above we live in Vegas but we made due. 

Even though the slide was all wet and a big pile of snow waited at the bottom Taygen couldn't resist enjoying some snow sliding.