Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Party

Our sweet little Corbin turned two years old, i'm feeling happy about it because Taygen and him have really become those " brothers" loving causing trouble and playing pretend together and sometimes fighting non-stop together. It's fun to see there little relationship grow now that Corbin can really keep up. At the same time I am so sad that my little baby is gone and a little boy has taken his place. We had a simple family party for him since we have so much family in town.

My kids are oh so shy Corbin had to hide while we sang happy birthday to him.

Me getting crafty with my sillouette

My fun new business idea of creating custom nursery artwork

Corbin will always accept something sweet to eat he has such a sweet tooth. Lately to curb his craving i've started to give him a couple squirts of hershey syrup into his mouth so he can get his chocolate fix:)

cute birthday shirt mommy made

and of course he made out with lots of fun loot!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Shoot

My little bean turned two and being the mother I am I had to have some photos of the event! I like having nice photos to keep records of the kids. Now i'm still working on my photography skills but I think I got a couple good ones.

I got him to play peek a boo with me and happened upon this shot.

The original plan was to have him sit on that chair but he would have nothing to do with it.

Honestly most of the time this is what I got from him. He is not into taking photos and the fact that I even got the two above is a little bit of a miracle. With kids thats just how it goes for every one good shot you have about a hundred bad ones:)

Horses and Tractors

A visit down to my parents is always a wonderful vacation for us. There's lots for the boys to do I get a lot of relaxation with my family around helping with the kids. The boys really love going and they hate to leave and as soon as they get home they are excited to go back.

A cowboy set up this little cowboy town right next to a strawberry stand and had little pony rides. The boys loved it.

My dad tried to take Taygen earlier in the day but Taygen refused to ride the horse without his cowboy boots and new woody cowboy hat that we acquired at disneyland a few weeks before.

My parents have this little play tractor for the boys to ride around at their house. We spend a lot of time riding around on that tractor. Of course now that Corbin is older we also spend a lot of time refereeing the boys on who gets to drive. ( notice the cowboy hat..i'm so glad he's over that thing )

Just having some fun at home

As most of you know not everyday is all that exciting and as mother's we are always trying to do something to get the kids interested in something other than fighting with each other, whining or causing trouble.

Like painting!

or making cookies with daddy