Thursday, June 17, 2010

Turning 1!

My sweet little baby Corbin is no longer a little baby. He turning into a little boy full of energy and personality.

At 1: Corbin is
Walking 100% of the time he has really mastered it at this point and is no longer tenative about getting around he is on the move and picking up speed very fast.

He is a picky little eater and I often find myself frustrated with him when it comes to meal time. He is at the stage too of no longer wanting me to feed him things like applesauce or yogurt. Instead he wants control of the spoon and the bowl in front of him. This of course causing large messes at each meal something i'm not enjoying.

He is a great sleeper for naps and bed time you just put him in his bed and he'll chat or putter around and then fall asleep no help needed. It's nice too because even when he wakes up he just patiently waits for someone to come get him.

He loves playing with Taygen if you can call it playing it's usually a battle over toys or Corbin just follwing Taygen around place to place.

He's becoming quite the troublemaker, getting into things pushing buttons and giving quite the sob act when he doesn't get what he wants.

He absolutely hates me cooking dinner! If I head into the kitchen and start fixing dinner he sit on the floor and cries and cries nothing distracts him or pleases him other than me holding him which with hot and sharp things isn't a option.

He doesn't like driving around in the car, he isn't distracted with a movie or toys or even food he just hates being strapped in the little car seat.

He doesn't like Taygen getting the love if Taygen comes over and sits on my lap, Corbin will head righ tover and claw at my legs to get up too.

He always have to have something in his had whether a toothbrush or measuring cup which are his usual favorites.

He loves balls and enjoys a good game of bringing you the ball you throwing it and him going and getting it and bringing it back. ( yes fetch I know, but the kid loves it! )

Mom is still his favorite but he is taking to other people more and more.

He knows how to play pattycake and peek-a-boo

He says ma ma and dada

He is a great little addition to our family and we love him beyond words. we can't help but smile watching this cute little boy learning new things everyday. Happy 1 year Corbin Love, Mom, Dad & Tay Tay

1 week old

1 year old

Our little Family of Four

Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach Babes

I love going to California and so do my kids, there's always good food, great weather and lots of good times to be had. We headed down to Huntington Beach for Memorial Day with the family and had to have some fun down on the beach. My husband claims to hate sand! party pooper! My kids though love it !

Taygen got right in the water and loved it even with it being freezing as the ocean always is. Of course after a while he was freezing and stayed wrapped in this towel sitting in the chair for probably 30 minutes.