Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beach Days

To enjoy some relaxation we have headed down to Huntington Beach a couple times to enjoy nice weather and plenty of entertainment for Taygen.

This is at Crab Cooker a favorite of ours Taygen was diggin the breadsticks they have on the table

Daddy's idea of a good time digging a big hole and then putting Taygen in it. He didn't mind either he would just play with the sand around him, I think he actually liked it because one morning he headed down to the beach with grandma and grandpa and tried burying himself:)

Enjoying the wagon ride to the beach 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Kids

I know I have been a little behind in blogging lately but here are a few random photos from the past month or so....

Corbin is eating cereal now and lovin it most the time it took a while for him to get used to he was giving me a nasty face each time I would give it to him but now we are all smiles

In the tub

Taygen is in a BIG BOY bed now he loves it we haven't really had any problems HOORAY!

Enjoying some popcorn and a movie

The pumpkin patch was a huge hit this year Taygen probably went down the giant slide 20 times at least

Sweet baby Corbin so easy going he just hangs out in his seat while everyone eats dinner

would rather sit up more than anything else he likes to be able to get the best view of everything  going on around him

We are at the everything must go into his mouth stage it's cute that he's playing but making sure he's putting the right things in his mouth not so much

Daddy with the boys

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Month 4

Our sweet little baby Corbin is 4 months old. He is still a great little baby, but all his newborness is gone he is a full fledge  baby now. He loves his mommy of course I provide all things good like food, clean diapers, the lovin' and most entertainment. Taygen provides a lot of entertainment for him as well but then Taygen provides entertainment for all of us. He can be a little shy and sometimes doesn't really enjoy others taking him but he will warm up after a minute. He has starting rolling over on to his sides but hasn't made it to his tummy yet though I am convinced he may never since he hates it on his tummy. He would like to sit up instead he is always scrunching his little body into a crunch. We still have some trouble with him sleeping he has a hard time actually staying alseep but we are working on it. He is just a happy and content little boy and we are grateful for his sweet little presence in our home. Happy 4 month mark Corbin:)