Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things actually do grow in the DESERT!

Here is a little garden update. The picture below is from about a month ago ( i'm just now getting it blogged ) the garden has grown a lot more as the weather starts heating up. The garden is my new pastime and I am loving it, I usually spend just a few minutes everyday walking out and around it to see all the new things growing and check for any bugs. I will say it has taken a little getting used to watching all the different bugs that live in a garden and crawl one your food not something you usually experience just heading to the grocery store. Everything is doing really well though I was worried about being here in vegas but as you can see with the right soil everything is happy and healthy:)

These are potatoes straight out of the garden and I got this amount of potatoes from only harvesting about 1/3 of my plants. I was looking to make some room, otherwise you can leave them in and they just continue to grow more and more.

These are my first 3 ripe tomatoes! My tomatoes plants are growing like weeds and there are plenty more coming and lots of different varieties of tomatoes to come these are just my first ones and let me tell you they were delicious!