Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mickey mouse

We had another trip to disneyland with some good friends a little while ago. Everyone had lots of fun. Even CJ. They boys did great with the long day of fun. It was unfortunately very busy that day but we were still able to make it on a good amount of rides. Corbin was a trooper, he was running a fever that day with what we found out a few days later was another ear infection. He still had fun though and didn't let it get him too down. I barely took any photos though! ( whats wrong with me!) so these are the only ones that I took that also turned out.


Once again I told myself make sure this year you do a little photo shoot with the boys and get a nice photo of them together in their Sunday outfits. Once again I did not do this and am left with just a couple photos of them finding eggs. They both were very into the egg hunting process though, it was fun and of course seeing that there was candy inside didn't hurt.


One lovely weekend we decided to go on a quick hike with some good friends. With 5 kids in tow we headed out to find this waterfall. The hike was really easy just a flat trail that meandered along. The only thing was they didn't have the part the led to the waterfall marked so it was a bit of a challenge to find but we did eventually find it. The questions is could we find it again? The kids and parents had a blast and it was nice getting outside into nature.

As Corbin says 50-100 times a day.. MOTORCYCLES!

This is our boys new hobby. When I say boys I mean Taygen, Corbin and CJ of course. Corbin wants only motorcycle toys and he has to bring them along everywhere we go. Most fights between the boys are over the motorcycle toys. Every time we walk in the garage to go somewhere Corbin has to point out the motorcycles " mama, dadas cycles, ride ". I don't mind it it's fun to see the boys so excited about something.

Our motorcycles have to have riders on them as well or they aren't good enough. I usually put the little guys back on the bikes 50 times per day.

This is the first time we actually got Taygen on one of the bikes. This is a smaller bike that i'm sure one day he will be able to ride on his own.

Corbin loves just sitting on them even though he asks for rides everyday, once it's on he is no longer interested.

I love that Taygen will actually pose for me now with that cute little squinty smile of his.

Cleaning the bike with daddy

This picture is a little out of order. CJ and a group of his buddies all signed up for a race at Lake Havasu. They are a lot older now then they used to be but I think they all still had a lot of fun. It was fun for us too the kids got to just play and we got to hang out and chat. When I say kids I meant Taygen, Corbin was UNBELIEVABLY grumpy the whole trip. We later found out he had ear infections so it's hard to blame the guy but he pretty much looked like ( above ) this the whole time. It was a fun but very frustrating day for me. It started with no sleep a really grumpy 2 year old and a car that dies twice and had to be jumped. Still I look back on the trip fondly and we will probably have more of them in our future.

This is acutally after the race. CJ was exhausted. It was a really hard course.

That's him cruising by

They boys or I guess now we can call them MEN!. They all did a great job and no one got hurt. That was the main goal of the weekend, no one get hurt!