Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas on December 4th

We are traveling a lot this year and seeing how we are still a young family we tend to still do a lot of the holidays with our families. I really wanted our little family CJ, Taygen Corbin and I to start making some of our own holiday traditions too. I always hate how you buy holiday specific jammies and then wait till the holiday to give it to them. Then they end up wearing christmas jammies in april because you waited till the end of december to give them to them. So my new traditions will be to do the jammy giving the first week of december! This year with all thats going on I even went a step futher and we did our whole christmas celebration the first week of december. I wanted the kids to have time to play with the cool toys we had gotten them and I wanted to do it before the stress of everything else started so Dec. 4th it was! We had a great time and did all the regular christmas day stuff and we loved it! My only problem was convincing Taygen of what was going on. So I told him santa was stopping by our house on his was to everyone else's and he had to come early:) It worked like a charm.

Our Christmas Eve night they boys have really gotten into hugging each other no complaints here huggin instead of constant fighting is always good!

This was the big present of the year a train table dedicated to trains. We had it all set up before they came downstairs they played with this for a while before we even made it to any of the other presents.

Our mini tree. I didn't want to put up our big tree this year so I did a mini one. It had all our eclectic ornaments on it it was fun and very easy to put up.

Merry Christmas to All!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This year Taygen got to have his first try at a team sport! He was a little apprehensive about the whole thing but at the end he started to really like it. I don't know that he kicked the ball but a handful of times during the games but my goal for him was to let him burn a little energy and be involved with a team. Also to just have fun!

This was the first practice, it took us a while to even get him to go out onto the field

The games were so funny to watch, little kids having no real idea what the were doing and parents on the sidelines trying to give them direction.

We had a good time and I will definitely sign him up again next year. Not because I think he is actually learning the game but just for him to have fun and RUN!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a fun Halloween season this year. I finally decorated the house a little this year to get us all in the spirit and we did all the regular traditions. Pumpkin carving went well Corbin loved it wanted to dig around in there to help clean it out. Taygen on the other hand didn't want to get dirty I suppose so he was very careful about it.

Of course it did make a nice echo if you yelled inside it:)

Traditional costume picture. Scary Pirate Taygen and the Hungry Shark Corbin

We also had matching glow in the dark skeleton jammies Taygen thought these were awesome and Corbin liked it when they glowed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

California Fun

We always like to make frequent trips down to Huntington Beach to get out of the heat. The kids love playing down there and we always have a good relaxing time.

It's always so nice that you need a sweater down there for the chilly mornings and evenings.

Taygen is obsessed with wearing this Thomas hat

There are a lot of airplanes flying around down there, they have the planes with the flags behind them with ads all day long. Corbin has an obsession with airplanes every time he hears or spots one he starts yelling and pointing " oss, oss! ( this is his word for airplane )

This is always a favorite down at the beach house. Riding all the cars trucks and trains along the porch wall. Taygen spends hours doing it and Corbin has starting to join in too.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No more baby

Everyday more and more I realize I no longer have my sweet cuddly little baby but rather a mischievous, loud, rambunctious little boy. He still loves his mommy and gives me nice cuddles but I also get crying demands, little foot stomping temper tantrums when he isn't getting his way and his own little opinion on things. He is still tons of fun and all the new words he learns and all his cute little mannerisms still melt my heart. I will say though seeing him get so big makes me want another cute little infant and then I spend the day breaking up arguments between Taygen and him and I realize for sanity sakes we better wait a little while till number 3.

at 15 months Corbin :

Loves anything round, basballs, ballons footballs. He has mastered the word ball pretty good

Has a mouth full of teeth

Loves to pretend he is talking on the phone

Makes fun car and train noises just like his brother

Can spot or hear an airplane with astounding accuracy, and screams and yells "oss,oss,oss" till I acknowledge him saying airplane yes I see it.

Is a picky eater which drives me crazy

Says, mama, dada, tay tay, up, ball, uh oh, this, out and maybe a few more

Loves his brother to pieces and on those rare occasions they play so well together I just want to jump for joy!

we love you baby bean

Another First Day

Taygen headed back to school the other week. I was pretty excited for him to go back not too nervous since his teacher from last year had moved over to the new school that was just built in our neighborhood. So it kinda felt a little like our old school routine with just a few changes. None of his friends for last year ended up in his class so new friends will be made i'm sure. The first day was a little rough but after that no problems. I love the opportunity to have him at school it has helped him so much and having a few hours to get things done with just one is also a nice treat for mom.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nana and Papa's House

I have a lot of posts on here about visiting my parents house it's like a going to an amusement park for my kids there are so many fun things for them to do! This year was extra special because Taygen got to stay at nana's and papa's house an extra week without the rest of us. There is kind of a lot of photos but there are just that many fun things to do!

One of those rare moments when the kids found something to do together without fighting!
( and yes it's a pink stroller bought for the boys! I'm sorry but they just don't make them in manly colors and kids whether boys or girls love playing push something around )

A classic Taygen getting a ride on some machinery with Papa.

There is an outdoor shopping mall with this fun train that takes the kids on rides around the mall obviously a hit with the Thomas the Train obsessed Taygen.

They also had a fun water park there too.

They have this small zoo in Folsom by my parents house. It's pretty unique because it's actually like a refuge for hurt or abandon animals, animals that could no longer probably survive out in the wild. They had a wide variety of things there and one of the fun parts were the chickens and peacocks that just walked around the facility.

Corbin threw up on his clothes on the car ride there totally randomly! so he was a little ghetto sporting just a diaper and shirt:)

Enjoying the view out Nana's window

Duke the cat was great with the kids most cats Taygen has come into contact with have at one point bitten or scratched him but not duke he loved the kids. I guess to him any attention is good attention.

My parents have this pond that my dad has stocked with fish. Papa was excited for Taygen to have his first fishing experience, something I myself did a lot as a kid I still like fishing to this day:) My dad goes up and feeds the fish every night so it only took about a minute for Taygen to catch his first fish.

A nice little catfish

Reel it in!

Of course it was catch and release:)

We always have a blast going to California although I think Taygen might be a little sad getting home and not having nearly as much things to do around our house. I guess that will just make Nana and Papa's house that much more special.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Turning 1!

My sweet little baby Corbin is no longer a little baby. He turning into a little boy full of energy and personality.

At 1: Corbin is
Walking 100% of the time he has really mastered it at this point and is no longer tenative about getting around he is on the move and picking up speed very fast.

He is a picky little eater and I often find myself frustrated with him when it comes to meal time. He is at the stage too of no longer wanting me to feed him things like applesauce or yogurt. Instead he wants control of the spoon and the bowl in front of him. This of course causing large messes at each meal something i'm not enjoying.

He is a great sleeper for naps and bed time you just put him in his bed and he'll chat or putter around and then fall asleep no help needed. It's nice too because even when he wakes up he just patiently waits for someone to come get him.

He loves playing with Taygen if you can call it playing it's usually a battle over toys or Corbin just follwing Taygen around place to place.

He's becoming quite the troublemaker, getting into things pushing buttons and giving quite the sob act when he doesn't get what he wants.

He absolutely hates me cooking dinner! If I head into the kitchen and start fixing dinner he sit on the floor and cries and cries nothing distracts him or pleases him other than me holding him which with hot and sharp things isn't a option.

He doesn't like driving around in the car, he isn't distracted with a movie or toys or even food he just hates being strapped in the little car seat.

He doesn't like Taygen getting the love if Taygen comes over and sits on my lap, Corbin will head righ tover and claw at my legs to get up too.

He always have to have something in his had whether a toothbrush or measuring cup which are his usual favorites.

He loves balls and enjoys a good game of bringing you the ball you throwing it and him going and getting it and bringing it back. ( yes fetch I know, but the kid loves it! )

Mom is still his favorite but he is taking to other people more and more.

He knows how to play pattycake and peek-a-boo

He says ma ma and dada

He is a great little addition to our family and we love him beyond words. we can't help but smile watching this cute little boy learning new things everyday. Happy 1 year Corbin Love, Mom, Dad & Tay Tay

1 week old

1 year old

Our little Family of Four

Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach Babes

I love going to California and so do my kids, there's always good food, great weather and lots of good times to be had. We headed down to Huntington Beach for Memorial Day with the family and had to have some fun down on the beach. My husband claims to hate sand! party pooper! My kids though love it !

Taygen got right in the water and loved it even with it being freezing as the ocean always is. Of course after a while he was freezing and stayed wrapped in this towel sitting in the chair for probably 30 minutes.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things actually do grow in the DESERT!

Here is a little garden update. The picture below is from about a month ago ( i'm just now getting it blogged ) the garden has grown a lot more as the weather starts heating up. The garden is my new pastime and I am loving it, I usually spend just a few minutes everyday walking out and around it to see all the new things growing and check for any bugs. I will say it has taken a little getting used to watching all the different bugs that live in a garden and crawl one your food not something you usually experience just heading to the grocery store. Everything is doing really well though I was worried about being here in vegas but as you can see with the right soil everything is happy and healthy:)

These are potatoes straight out of the garden and I got this amount of potatoes from only harvesting about 1/3 of my plants. I was looking to make some room, otherwise you can leave them in and they just continue to grow more and more.

These are my first 3 ripe tomatoes! My tomatoes plants are growing like weeds and there are plenty more coming and lots of different varieties of tomatoes to come these are just my first ones and let me tell you they were delicious!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 months

Our little bean is 10 months old and growing up fast. At 10 months
He is a crawling machine
Stands up on everything and anything
Will walk along everything as long as he has a hand on something, he will let go of the say coffee table and just stand there giving you a look like i'm gonna go for it mom, and then gives up and just crawls instead.
He isn't really into baby food anymore he would prefer to eat anything you are eating.
He is sleeping really well and is better at taking naps
He wants to be like his brother so bad, he will just follow Taygen around with this longing look.
He LOVES mama the best! ( gotta love that )
He babbles mama and dada
He loves to play outside and the second the door opens he is on his way out. He just crawls all around the backyard grass, cement or rocks won't keep him back. His favorite is to make his way over to mama's garden and try and play in the dirt.
He hates feeling left out down on the floor so he will follow me around whining to get picked up so he can be apart of everything going on.
He loves the dishwasher it's one of his favorite places to play ( not my favorite of course )
His favorite toy right now is a ballon
He is a dancing fool and any sign of music he is bouncing around getting his groove on
He is just the happiest go with the flow baby and we are loving every minute of him:)

He does this finger thing all the time it's super cute

He makes the funniest noises and faces I don't think I could ever capture all of them

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the kiddies

A few pics that have been sitting in my camera

This is sweet baby lola and corbin, one of my best friends stopped in town and we got to watch lola for a few hours these two loved having another baby around

This is all to familiar. I have lots of pictures of Taygen doing the same thing

It's getting to be that time of year for the water table!

Taygen has become the hiding master it seems, he crawls and hides in the cupboards all the time