Saturday, September 11, 2010

No more baby

Everyday more and more I realize I no longer have my sweet cuddly little baby but rather a mischievous, loud, rambunctious little boy. He still loves his mommy and gives me nice cuddles but I also get crying demands, little foot stomping temper tantrums when he isn't getting his way and his own little opinion on things. He is still tons of fun and all the new words he learns and all his cute little mannerisms still melt my heart. I will say though seeing him get so big makes me want another cute little infant and then I spend the day breaking up arguments between Taygen and him and I realize for sanity sakes we better wait a little while till number 3.

at 15 months Corbin :

Loves anything round, basballs, ballons footballs. He has mastered the word ball pretty good

Has a mouth full of teeth

Loves to pretend he is talking on the phone

Makes fun car and train noises just like his brother

Can spot or hear an airplane with astounding accuracy, and screams and yells "oss,oss,oss" till I acknowledge him saying airplane yes I see it.

Is a picky eater which drives me crazy

Says, mama, dada, tay tay, up, ball, uh oh, this, out and maybe a few more

Loves his brother to pieces and on those rare occasions they play so well together I just want to jump for joy!

we love you baby bean

Another First Day

Taygen headed back to school the other week. I was pretty excited for him to go back not too nervous since his teacher from last year had moved over to the new school that was just built in our neighborhood. So it kinda felt a little like our old school routine with just a few changes. None of his friends for last year ended up in his class so new friends will be made i'm sure. The first day was a little rough but after that no problems. I love the opportunity to have him at school it has helped him so much and having a few hours to get things done with just one is also a nice treat for mom.