Saturday, April 9, 2011

Working at the Car Wash

One warm saturday morning we were just hanging outside and I decided we should have a little car wash. The boys had a blast soaping up their little cars and give them a good shine.

Just for Fun

Here a a few random photos from the last month or so. I figured I would just post them together since they aren't really post worthy by themselves. Enjoy.

Taygen showing off his boots! These boots have become the only footwear Taygen will wear. I bought them just for fun during a " woody " stage and he hated them for months. Then one day he spotted them in his closet and it was suddenly love at first sight.

Corbin's new best friends

It so fun to see the differences in your children. While Taygen tends to be more on the scared side Corbin is more fearless. I went and got some ladybugs for my garden and Taygen while very interested just stood back and watched. Corbin though wanted me to keep putting them on him so he could watch them crawl all over his arms.

The one picture I got of the boys on St. Patricks Day. At least Corbin looks happy

Taygen loves for us to build him a house that he can hang out in and eat popcorn or watch a movie. Take note those boots stay on all day we can't even take them off when we are at home.