Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Photos

These are some our family photos for this year. I wasn't able to use my favorite friend photog because I was dying to take them at my mom's house, so I tried to do them myself. I got a few good shots everyone knows with kids it's really hard but I think a few turned out pretty good.

The only shots I could get of Corbin were either him looking down or profile he doesn't enjoy sunlight at all something he got from his daddy.

I was able to get a few of Taygen but again to actually get him to smile and look at the camera is quite a feat. So I had to settle for action shots.

Kinda cheese I know but I have about 1000 photos of the kids and maybe 40 of CJ & I we are always behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Our favorite family photo was saved for our holiday card but these are a few runners up

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birdie Experience

We have a park in town that has a man made pond with lots of birdies in it so for a little outing we decided to head on down and feed the birds.

Daddy and Taygen walking the trail 

We had so much fun the first time we had to take some friends back with us to enjoy it too

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've been wanting to take Taygen bowling for a while and we finally got around to it. Cj and I used to bowl all the time and we can get a little competitive. We had a good time with friends and the kids had a blast! We will defiantly be heading back.

If you didn't watch him he would quickly grab and ball and go throw it so you had to keep your eye on him
Taygen and Evan waiting for the balls to come back

Daddy helping Taygen score some points

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This Halloween was lots of fun, if you can't tell Taygen was a surfer dude ( since last year he wouldn't wear an elaborate costume this year I had to think of something I knew we could keep on him ) and Corbin was a crab to go along with his brother. We had lots of fun trick or treating with friends Taygen picked up the concept very quick and had a blast going door to door. Corbin as always was great and was just content to go along with the group

Thursday, November 5, 2009

month 5

Corbin is 5 months old, and time just keeps flying by. He is rolling onto both of his sides but has yet to make any effort to get to his stomach but if you put him on his stomach he rolls to his back, goes to show you how much he dislikes being on his stomach. He can sit up by himself pretty well which is how he wants to be all the time. He loves to be up and able to see everything going on around him. The little jumper entertainer is by far his favorite thing to hang out in although he has already got throwing his toys off it so I have to be constantly picking them back up. His sleeping is getting a tiny bit better he's just pretty erratic when it comes to a schedule. He is eating cereal now and loves it and we have moved on to a couple foods too all big hits. He is still a wonderful easy going kid who is pretty content with just going with the flow  ( my genes of course ).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beach Days

To enjoy some relaxation we have headed down to Huntington Beach a couple times to enjoy nice weather and plenty of entertainment for Taygen.

This is at Crab Cooker a favorite of ours Taygen was diggin the breadsticks they have on the table

Daddy's idea of a good time digging a big hole and then putting Taygen in it. He didn't mind either he would just play with the sand around him, I think he actually liked it because one morning he headed down to the beach with grandma and grandpa and tried burying himself:)

Enjoying the wagon ride to the beach 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Kids

I know I have been a little behind in blogging lately but here are a few random photos from the past month or so....

Corbin is eating cereal now and lovin it most the time it took a while for him to get used to he was giving me a nasty face each time I would give it to him but now we are all smiles

In the tub

Taygen is in a BIG BOY bed now he loves it we haven't really had any problems HOORAY!

Enjoying some popcorn and a movie

The pumpkin patch was a huge hit this year Taygen probably went down the giant slide 20 times at least

Sweet baby Corbin so easy going he just hangs out in his seat while everyone eats dinner

would rather sit up more than anything else he likes to be able to get the best view of everything  going on around him

We are at the everything must go into his mouth stage it's cute that he's playing but making sure he's putting the right things in his mouth not so much

Daddy with the boys

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Month 4

Our sweet little baby Corbin is 4 months old. He is still a great little baby, but all his newborness is gone he is a full fledge  baby now. He loves his mommy of course I provide all things good like food, clean diapers, the lovin' and most entertainment. Taygen provides a lot of entertainment for him as well but then Taygen provides entertainment for all of us. He can be a little shy and sometimes doesn't really enjoy others taking him but he will warm up after a minute. He has starting rolling over on to his sides but hasn't made it to his tummy yet though I am convinced he may never since he hates it on his tummy. He would like to sit up instead he is always scrunching his little body into a crunch. We still have some trouble with him sleeping he has a hard time actually staying alseep but we are working on it. He is just a happy and content little boy and we are grateful for his sweet little presence in our home. Happy 4 month mark Corbin:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super Tay

This is the reward of my newest project. With my mom in town I always try to get all my little projects going and this one turned out so cute! I saw the idea and my mom and I made our own little copy. It was super easy to sew and now Taygen has his own super hero cape. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Summertime is on it's way out finally! mornings and evening have started to be a little cooler allowing some play time outside. This year I bought one of those old school sprinklers for Tay to play in the water with we had lots of fun with it and it brought a lot of memories back from my childhood

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

another month gone by

My little Corbin is already 3 months old and changing by the day. I just love every morning waking up to his cute little smile looking up at me from his crib. Corbin is a sweet little baby who is so easy going. He loves his mommy the most and isn't really too happy when anyone else has him. He is all giggly and smiley at this age and will just talk to you as long as you will listen. He is getting better at being on a schedule and rarely is in a bad mood unless he is tired then he turns into a monster. He loves his big brother and always watches him as he runs around the house. He hates being set down and always lets out a little whine but will concede a few seconds later. He hates being on his tummy and doesn't really love being flat on his back either he prefers to be sitting  up so he can see what is going on. I can't believe another month has gone by we are just trying to enjoy every sweet moment we can get.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My little man

It's bound to happen they have to grow up it only becomes even more apparent when I spend all day taking care of a new baby how big my little guy is now. Even with all his crazy antics we love him more everyday

No A/C!

A week ago our upstairs a/c decided it would take a crapper. Irony that this happens on a friday night when there is nothing we can do about it. Thankfully our downstairs was still working so we had a little camp out downstairs.

I can't wait for them to be best buds

My only consolation for being okay with having another boy was that someday they would grow up and be best buds, we are getting there

My not so brilliant idea

Taygen is pretty obsessed with these dirt bikes we have two that haven't been ridden in forever but we hate to get rid of them since in a few years Taygen will be able to ride them. So every  in and out of our garage Taygen asks to go play on them which be wouldn't to be to big of a deal if it wasn't so darn hot right now and you sweat standing in our garage for even 5 minutes. So on this particular day after telling him no once again and dragging him inside crying I thought why don't I just bring it inside:) Not a bad idea except the bliss only lasted about 20 minutes and then it tipped onto the ground and completely scratched  our concrete floor opps!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Only 2 months later Taygen finally showed some interest in giving his baby brother a little physical attention. While he will get in his face and talk and poke him ( gently) with his finger or quickly give him his pacifier when he makes a peep he has yet to want to actually hold him. Till now...

It started out like this me gently putting Corbin to merely lean on Taygen

After a few minutes of the lean I asked if he would like to hold him he gave me a indecisive look so I took my chance and laid Corbin on his lap. You can tell by the smile he enjoyed it.

Of course like any man he had to have something to play with while he was holding the baby I mean just enjoying him is not enough.

Corbin is such a great baby which is a pretty stark contrast to how Taygen was. At 2 months he is....
Sleeping through the night from about 10 till about 5 ish

He holds his head up great which he has been doing pretty much since birth but he has now mastered it quite well.

We are finally getting giggles and smiles from him that are genuine instead of randomly while he was probably passing gas.

He is so calm and easy and will just go with the flow all day ( a trait that definitely came from his mother)

He is a great little boy and we are just enjoying almost every minute.

p.s. Yes Tay is naked in most pictures I have we are really working on the potty training.