Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Corbin's 3!

It feels like Corbin has been in our family forever but at the same time I can't believe my little baby boy is not a baby anymore but a 3 year old. Corbin is an amazing kid CJ and I are constantly surprised by him. He adores his older brother and while sometimes they fight non stop it's so cute to see him try and keep up with Taygen. He's is so chatty. Those who know what we went through with Taygen having Corbin be so talkative is a constant surprise to us. He talks so much I must admit sometimes I go a little crazy especially in the car he just never stops talking. CJ and I just laugh sometimes at how he never stops. He is definitely a sassy little thing and it depends on the mood he's in if he's going to be nice and social or totally ignore people and tell them " he no like them". For his birthday this year we decided on just a fun family swim party it was perfect, very low maintenance for me but still a fun celebration for him. We love you Corbin!


We always love heading down to Huntington Beach the boys love it down there along with me. For Memorial Day we all headed down it wasn't as warm as I was hoping but the boys still had a good time and mom and dad got to relax a little.

I had to get this picture i've decided that age 5 is the age of mood swings. Taygen is either really happy, whining out of control, pouting at me, or being a super helpful big boy. It's hard for me to keep my sanity sometimes while I try and keep up with him.

The boys on the porch their favorite spot.

Clark County Fair

Our friends told us about the Clark County Fair this year and we decided to check it out. It was a little bit of a drive to get out there but I was excited to do some fair fun. The boys loved it there was lots of games to play and yummy fair food to eat, little events to watch and some carnival rides to ride on. We all had a good time and I think we will make it a new yearly tradition. Living in a large city like Las Vegas sometimes I miss the small town things like this. 

The boys going on a little pony ride.

Taygen looks super serious riding this little motorcycle ride.

Oh, there was lots of animals to visit too. Corbin is like the animal whisperer. He loves animals and wants to pet each one. Disregard how ghetto he's looking he'd had some ice cream and I had yet to clean his face off.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Clark County Museum

I'm still working on my photography skills. It's so much fun to take the boys and to new and interesting places. They get to enjoy going on a field trip and I get to practice photography. In this instance we went out the the Clark County Museum. It's not a museum like you'd imagine its all outside cute little houses replicating different periods in time. They also had a few train cars and a train station so my boys were in heaven. It was a great cheap little outing to take the boys on and it had plenty of backdrops to take pictures at.

These suckers were a HUGE mess but the photos turned out cute

Had to get one of Corbin and the tongue. This kid always has his tongue out and he is always licking things! He's going to have a serious immune system with all the germs he comes into contact with.

Hop Hop Hop

Happy Easter!

The best picture I could get of the boys in their sunday best. They just wanted to play and wrestle while I was trying to take a nice photo. Boys:)

Taygen was really into and understood the whole easter bunny thing this year and he was on top of finding those candy filled eggs.

Once Corbin knew there was candy inside the eggs he ran around the yard gathering them up.

Enjoying the rewards of their hard work.

San Diego

We recently had the opportunity to head down to San Diego for a weekend to play and see CJ's cousin get married. I was excited to be able to take the kids to Legoland and the San Diego Zoo. Taygen was really excited to stay in a Hotel which is his absolute favorite. It was a great weekend with wonderful weather and lots of family and fun. 

The boys and Bob the Builder

Checking out the Las Vegas strip made out of legos

Daddy being a good sport and taking Corbin on the little ride

We weren't able to spend to much time at the Zoo which was a disappointment I don't think I understood just how huge it is so I didn't plan on nearly enough time. We still enjoyed ourselves it was a little hot for San Diego but the boys still loved seeing all the animals.

Corbin made friends with the snake

Taygen enjoying the elephants

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Some Photos

I have been bad about taking just candid shots of the boys lately. You know those moments when life is just being life, no shower, still in your jammies or  those cray hair moments. I need to remind myself that every photo I take doesn't need to be perfect. Here are a few pictures of us just being us.

Corbin is definitely a two year old I see a lot of this from him. Pouting with his arms crossed because he didn't get exactly what he wanted. 

We got the boys a playhouse for the back porch they love going out and playing restaurant. They asked you for your order and then they run inside their little house and cook up something nice for you. Taygen has to play the role correct and put on his little paper hat he got a steak and shake.

The boys are always begging us to take a bath in our bath tub instead of theirs I don't know why its so much better I guess its just something new. One night I caved and let them, it was amazing how much fun they were having and what a big mess they made.