Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Some Photos

I have been bad about taking just candid shots of the boys lately. You know those moments when life is just being life, no shower, still in your jammies or  those cray hair moments. I need to remind myself that every photo I take doesn't need to be perfect. Here are a few pictures of us just being us.

Corbin is definitely a two year old I see a lot of this from him. Pouting with his arms crossed because he didn't get exactly what he wanted. 

We got the boys a playhouse for the back porch they love going out and playing restaurant. They asked you for your order and then they run inside their little house and cook up something nice for you. Taygen has to play the role correct and put on his little paper hat he got a steak and shake.

The boys are always begging us to take a bath in our bath tub instead of theirs I don't know why its so much better I guess its just something new. One night I caved and let them, it was amazing how much fun they were having and what a big mess they made.

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